A little bit about us 

 here at Jersey hollow farm.

we moved here in 2004 to provide a better living for our family in a more secluded environment, and to produce the highest quality food for ourselves and our customers, from a diversified grass fed system.

We are placed in the rolling hills of the driftless area in Southwest Wisconsin near Potosi. We operate a Jersey dairy, and raise Khatadin hair sheep on one hundred and eighty acres.

 Our animals are totally grass fed year around. During the growing season they are grazed and moved from paddock to paddock daily. this system enhances soil and animal health, by allowing the plant roots and tops to regrow quickly,  while keeping the soil covered which protects it from erosion and captures carbon from the air, then places it back in the soil to balance the ecosystem. therefore enhancing plant, animal, and human health.

During the winter months, they are fed stored, dry baled hay consisting of grasses and legumes.

As you read above, we have been farming under this system since 2004, and the farm was managed under a grass based grazing system several years before we purchased Jersey Hollow.                                                      We have never used any herbicides, pesticides, antibiotics, or hormones.

We raise our male Jersey calves for beef, which are strictly grass fed.        Our lambs are also strictly grass fed, and are raised for meat and breeding stock.